Birdbrain - Dislocation is a place (The floor talk)

2016-06-05 Curator Sybille Schlumbom


Welcome inside the birdbrain.

The concept of ‘Birdbrain’ started quite literal, with images and objects that sparked discussions, mostly among fellow global nomads, immigrants and artists. The words followed the images and carved out the concept around the sense of misplacement that ultimately led to the choice of artists represented in this exhibition


We all know the fear of ‘getting lost’. But if you don’t know where you are going you can’t get lost, only side-tracked. Embracing the lack of roots gives an incredible sense of freedom, intellectual, physical, cultural.

Lack of roots doesn’t mean lack of context. While, in other projects, I like to question the white cube that tries to de-contextualize the object, I immensely enjoyed giving Sylvia, Carole, Stuart and Shaun a white space for their work, which bears so much contexts in itself.

These are works of intelligent, curious, disrespectful artists – the best kind there is.

As Dr Hunter S. Thomson put it ‘Buy the ticket, take the ride’.



Neighbourhood TV - Sylvia Sinel talking about her project "Resurrection"