Sylvia Sinel - Retrospective Exhibition in Hamilton

This exhibition is a celebration of Sylvia Sinel's art practice in New Zealand. The exhibition is a closure and a new beginning at the same time.

A Devotion to Form has been at the core of the artist’s creative exploration all the way from the start. She has had an affinity with form and an innate urge to create and make things. A curious mind and a strong need to be creative has led to experimentation with a multitude of mediums and techniques over the years, from writing, painting, performance and sculpture in various materials. This exhibition is a closure and a new beginning at the same time.

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Come and join me in the Gallery for a fun 2 hour workshop where we will explore a few different materials and create playful form.

The setup is aimed for beginners who would like a teaser and introduction to working with sculptural form in a relaxed setting. A great time is guaranteed and you'll walk away with a few masterpieces in your hands.

Small groups with max 6 participants, adults 16 yr and over, $65 per person including all material. Workshop days: Sunday 18th Feb, Saturday 2nd March & Sunday 17th March, time 3-5 PM. Sign up below on contact page or via email to Address: 109 Ward Street Hamilton. Parking available at Centre Place Shopping Centre.


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